Who we are

Capacity for leadership, audacity, tenacity and above all a clear vocation for entrepreneurship are some of the qualities which inspired those who sowed the seeds of this organisation over five years ago.

In the year 2007, INGENIERÍA DE MAQUINARIA FERROVIARIA S.A. is founded in Madrid, following a path of constant innovation and growth, and currently constituting the company with the greatest growth and projection within the railway sector. With this in mind, and as a support for its development, the company has recently incorporated a new industrial building of 2,400 square metres into its infrastructure for the assembly and testing of prototypes.

Quiénes somos


INGENIERÍA DE MAQUINARIA FERROVIARIA S.A. assures high standards of quality in its railway products and services. We guarantee punctual deliveries and provide our clients with quality at competitive prices, counting with skilled personnel who are involved in the tasks of execution and the continuous improvement of our processes.

Investigación y desarrollo

Our vision

Our values

Our mission

In INGENIERÍA DE MAQUINARIA FERROVIARIA S.A. we strive to be recognised by our groups of interest as a competitive company with solutions that are both comprehensive and innovative within the sector at international level and also as outstanding for the excellence of our human resources.

These are a guide for our decisions, dilemmas and actions in our daily working activity. The qualities which allow us to stand out and orient us with regard to our Reason for Being.

  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Commitment and tenacity
  • Global vision
  • Care of safety and working conditions
  • Respect for the environment

We are a company specialised in the production, sales, repair and maintenance of railway machinery and components, as also the design of hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and electronic systems and the design of measurement and control components applied to railway machinery. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best service, always guaranteeing our commitment to a constant respect for the environment in our activities.

The Direction commits itself in turn to a constant adaptation to the evolution and trends of the market. QHSE objectives are set annually and are revised along with company policy in a process of continuous adjustment.

Our people

Compromiso ambiental

Our people are fundamental to the carrying out of our activities. We make every effort to keep our work spaces safe and healthy.

At INGENIERÍA DE MAQUINARIA FERROVIARIA S.A. we know that our most valuable asset is our team of personnel, qualified and with solid experience in the sector. From the beginning we have maintained a strong commitment to equal opportunities and anti discrimination among our workers.


INGENIERÍA DE MAQUINARIA FERROVIARIA S.A. is currently in the process of acquiring the certification ISO 14001:2004, through the implementation of an environmental management system. We are conscious of the effect our activities have on the environment, and so we consider it fundamental to guarantee equity between our activities and the surrounding environment. We achieve this through our commitment to environmental management and the principles of sustainable development.

IMF counts with the accreditations of the Ministry for Public Works and Transport and the authorisation of the ADIF to undertake auxiliary rolling stock maintenance work.

Research and development

Investigación y desarrollo en el sector ferroviario

On the basis of our experience in railway machinery design, construction and maintenance, and in keeping with our commitment to innovation, INGENIERÍA DE MAQUINARIA FERROVIARIA S.A. forms strategic alliances with other bodies of interest to face new challenges which allow the development of innovative products within our principal lines of investigation:

  • Analysis and modelling of mechanical elements for the purpose of the design and analysis of working units on the track.
  • Development of the automatization system for the generation of command and control, in real time, of the system´s diagnostic and motorization functions with integration of the interface with the operator.