Ofrecemos servicio técnico ferroviario


Technical attention

The wide experience of our technicians allows us to offer:

  • Technical attention for track maintenance machines of any make.
  • Availability 24 hours/7 days a week, worldwide, carrying out interventions on site, at our facilities or in the client´s own.
  • Consulting on the purchase of new or second hand machinery and preventive maintenance.
  • Examination and a complete report on the state of any rail vehicle, including sales and purchases Fees

General repairs

With the passage of time, machines and their components are subjected to various types of degradation and chronic breakdowns which result in their systems becoming obsolete. This point having been reached, it becomes profitable to recondition the vehicle in order to prolong its lifespan and increase its working performance.

IMFsa offers total or partial repairs, to the level of detail requested by the client in the following areas:

  • Mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and electronic system
  • Surface finishing: grit blasting and paintwork
  • Cab conditioning: replacement of glass and vinyl, air conditioning and soundproofing. Ask for an estimate, free of commitment


Development of equipment

Our expertise in the field of railway maintenance allows us to design measurement and control applications for the tracks, overhead cables, etc. which are adapted to the needs of the sector. The components with which the equipment is fitted are from well-known manufacturers, they comply with industrial standards and they are of proven quality.


Machine and card calibration

We do the initial set-up and calibration of the measurement systems of tamping machines (with certification). We also manage the calibration and certification of all the acquisition cards and manual measurement equipment. (pick up at origin and delivery to destination required).

Calibrado de máquinas y vía


Training courses

We organise specialised courses, given by qualified personnel at our facilities, principally dealing with

  • Operation of our machines.
  • Hydraulics directed at machinery.
  • Tamping course.
  • Preventive maintenance.

Translation of documentation

We translate machine operation-driving manuals and general documentation into various European languages. Consult us.


Maintenance Centre for railway rolling stock material

Ingeniería de Maquinaria Ferroviaria, S.A.
 holds the qualifications of the Ministry of Transport and authorisations from ADIF to undertake both partial and integral preventive maintenance  work on heavy rail machinery, dresines and self-propelled head-frames. INTERVENTIONS IS1, IS2 e IM