• Rhino Multifunction
  • Rhino Multifunction
  • Rhino Multifunction
  • Rhino Multifunction
  • Rhino Multifunction
  • Rhino Multifunction

Multifunction machine with only three operators which carries out all mechanisation and profiling work simultaneously on both straight tracks and turnouts.
It has independent tamping units which can lift and tamp the diverging track up to a maximum of: lifting up to 3000 mm and tamping up to 2800 mm from the diverging track.

On straight tracks, it undertakes the following operations with one sole passage, working continuously: Rhining: levelling, alignment, tamping and stabilisation, according to the geometry and level of compaction required, applying the necessary vertical load with the stabilising units. Besides, simultaneously it Registers the track geometry and vertical load applied at each point and Profiles, for which it has two lateral ploughs, a double central plough, a 5 cubic metre hopper and a high performance collection tray with solid pipes.

The machine is equipped with 2 ground penetrating radars. The front one analyses the stretches of track which can be levelled without lifting, with the saving in ballast that this brings. The rear ground penetrating radar registers the level of compaction which has been undertaken, thus allowing the durability of the track geometry to be determined.

Technical characteristics

General characteristics
Maximum speed100 km/h
Maximum speed in train formation100 km/h
Work places2+1
Total Length38720 mm
Total weight90000 kg
Railway Running Gear
Number of bogies2 (Y25)
Number of axles6
Drive axles3
Distance between bogies15500 mm
Track gauge1435 mm
Wheel diameter920 mm
Distance between axles9100 mm
MakeDeutz (or similar)
TypeTCD 2015 V08 (or similar)
Horsepower500 kW (or similar)
Pump4x Rexroth
Engine3x Rexroth
Working characteristics
Lifting and slewing unit1
Tamping unit4
Compaction unit2
Compaction loadUp to 40 tonnes
Work cycleContinuous
Maximum speedUp to 800 m/h
Lateral ploughs2 (1 per rail)
Central ploughs2 (1 per rail)
Brush deviceHigh performance
Measurement System
Measurement trolleys5
Integrated Geometry System SIG2
Integrated Digital Register RID1


Master remote system

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Project details
  • Type:Rhineadora track machine