The first model of a Rhineadora track machine. This boasts a revolutionary continuous work system for railway maintenance developed by IMF. The Rhino guarantees perfect track positioning. At the same time, it registers and assures optimal track compaction in the ballast bed. All of this is achieved with one simple, compact and efficient machine.

Technical characteristics

General characteristics
Maximum speed100 km/h
Maximum speed in train formation100 km/h
Work places1
Length without buffers22200 mm
Maximum width2520 mm
Maximum height3480 mm
Total weight70000 kg
Railway Running Gear
Number of axles2 (Y25)
Drive axles2
Distance between bogies14000 mm
Track gaugen/n
Wheel diameter920 mm
MakeDeutz (or similar)
TypeTCD 2015 V08 (or similar)
Horsepower500 kW (or similar)
Engine2x REXROTH
Working characteristics
Lifting and slewing unit1
Tamping unit2
Compaction unit2
Compaction loadUp to 40 tonnes
Work cycleContinuous
Maximum speedUp to 1.100 m/h
Measurement System
Measurement trolleys4
Alignment cables1
Levelling cables2 (1 per rail)
Integrated Geometry SystemSIG
Integrated Digital RegisterRID
Air drier 
Master remote system 
Ground-penetrating radar 

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Pictures of Rhino 62X

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Project details
  • Type:Rhineadora track machine